What are your advantages?

fast connections

no time to waste

Movements to and from work should not take too much time ! Time is money ! Highways are always in the neighbourhood of our locations and therfore very good accessible. Parking places are for free !

Competitive rates

without intermediaries

We always negotiate direct (without intermediaries). We offer special prices in case you rent an accommodation for a longer period (at least 1 month) or for larger groups. 

Flexible renting conditions

We deliver tailor-made solutions

Company Places is very flexible in his approach. We give quick and suitable solutions. We offer flexible renting solutions for short and long periods.

A tailor-made approach !

Each accommodation has to be conform the expectations of our guest. The productivity of the employees increases when they feel good and that's your benefit.  therefore, an open communication environment is very important.

High quality service

advantage of a holiday resort and the service of a hotel

No one wants to be late at work. Your employees don't like all kinds of worries. They need to be at ease. It increases their productivity. Think for instance about the maintenance of the rented accommodation. Cleanings are done on a regular basis. It's possible to rent sheets and towels so they don't need to worry about the washing. Bikes can be rented. And so on and so on.Company Places offers lots of solutions for all kinds of things. Company places guarantees a hassle-free stay !

Several levels of luxury

wide range of accommodations

For over more than 15 years we offer temporary housing solutions for all kind of purposes. We have a wide range of different types of accomodations at different locations in different price levels going from simple to very luxurious.

In a green environment

rest and relaxation

Your employees should feel comfortable after a day of hard labour. Company Places offers accommodations where people can find some rest. This good feeling gives them more productivity which is a huge benefit for you. 

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